The Local Materials Promotion Authority MIPROMALO is a public establishment with judicial and financial autonomy and placed under the technical supervisory authority of the Ministry of Scientific Research and Innovation.

The main objective of MIPROMALO is to promote the use of locally manufactured materials in order to reduce the cost of nation building. MIPROMALO’s activities focus on applied research and development, exploitation of results and outreaching based essentially on a series of “Local Materials-Society-Development (MSD) programmes.

These MSD programmes are based on the creation of innovative products and services to accelerate the development of economic, socio-cultural, educative and re-creative activities through the exploitation of MIPROMALO and her partners’ products, technologies and competences as well as mobilizing the technical capacities, cultural heritage and natural resources of the main beneficiaries. The three (03) MSD programmes are:

1 - MSD-Eco-construction and Local Development

2 - MSD-Entreprises Creation and Women Empowerment

3 - MSD-New Technologies and Education

Images of MIPROMALO Office

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